Microtherm® SlimVac - the best performing thermal insulation on the market.
21st century thermal protection.

Microtherm® SlimVac vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are high performance microporous insulation panels covered in an impermeable outer envelope which is heat sealed under vacuum to optimise the thermal performance. The vacuum within the insulation ensures that Slimvac® panels have a very low thermal conductivity. The product is formally classified as a “superinsulation”.

Microtherm SlimVac

The core of the SlimVac® panel is Microtherm® microporous insulation.

The outer envelope is formed from an ultra low permeation barrier film comprising multiple polymer layers, each serving a specific performance function.

The actual structure of the barrier film may vary and is selected to suit the specific application.

The insulation core of Microtherm® SlimVac is non combustible and complies with the requirements of the VIP standard ASTM C1484 - 09. It is environmentally safe and the insulation core is completely recyclable.

Typical applications

Because of the very low thermal conductivity, Microtherm® SlimVac is the ideal insulation when optimum performance is necessary in minimal space. Typical applications are:

  • Household appliances (refrigerators and freezers)
  • Temperature controlled packaging (cold boxes and insulated shipping containers)
  • Temperature sensitive transport (refrigerated or deep chilled trucks)
  • Building:
    • Floor and roof insulation
    • Terrace insulation
    • Facade insulation
    • Doors
    • Thermal bridges
    • Cold rooms


  • Very low centre panel thermal conductivity (λ = 4,2 mW/m.K)
  • High thermal resistance (R = 4,8 m²K/W per 20mm thick).
  • 20mm of SlimVac® equals 100 mm PUR or 170mm EPS
  • Reduction of insulation thickness
  • Possible increase of internal capacity
  • Environmentally responsible alternative for EPS and PUR (petroleum based material)
  • Environmentally safe, contains no harmful respirable fibres (no CFC’s or HCFC’s)
  • Fully recyclable insulation
R-value of Slimvac<sup>®</sup> compared to PUR, EPS & Foamglass at 10°C.

This graph shows the R-value of Slimvac® compared to PUR, EPS & Foamglass at 10°C.