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DIBT Zulassing

General Building & Construction permit for SLIMVAC vacuum insulation panels in Germany

Valid: 19/10/2012 - 19/10/2017

 SLIMVAC_DIBT_Zulassung_Z23_11_1908_DE.pdf   (458KB)

Cert. ISO_14001_2004_BE11123574421

ISO 14001:2004 BE11123574421 Certificate from SGS in 4 languages.

ISO 14001 is an environment management sytem certificate.

 Cert_ISO_14001_BE11123574421_EN.pdf   (673KB)

 Cert_ISO_14001_BE11123574421_NL.pdf   (681KB)

 Cert_ISO_14001_BE11123574421_FR.pdf   (692KB)

 Cert_ISO_14001_BE11123574421_DE.pdf   (706KB)

Cert. OHSAS_18001_2007_BE11123574422

OHSAS 18001:2007 BE11123574422 certificate from SGS in 4 languages

OHSAS 18001 is a health & safety management system certificate.

 Cert_OHSAS_18001_BE11123574422_EN.pdf   (676KB)

 Cert_OHSAS_18001_BE11123574422_NL.pdf   (690KB)

 Cert_OHSAS_18001_BE11123574422_FR.pdf   (681KB)

 Cert_OHSAS_18001_BE11123574422_DE.pdf   (702KB)

Confirmation of Thermal conductivity for SLIMVAC

conform to NORM SIA 279 Insulation material, version 2011

 SLIMVAC_SIA_20122013.pdf   (68KB)

The present EPD is in line with the standardization work by CEN TC 350 (EN 15804 and EN 15942).

The LCA was perfomed by the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO).

 MICROTHERM_SLIMVAC_cradletogateEPD_final.pdf   (391KB)

Europea technical agreement for SLIMVAC vacuum insulation panels


Valid from: 30/06/2013

Valid until: 30/06/2018

 Doc_ETA_13_1026.pdf   (134KB)

 Doc_ETA_13_1026_UK.pdf   (131KB)

Cert. FIW München_testreport Slimvac

Report of thermal conductivity of Slimvac after Aging (15 years)

 Cert_FIW_testreport_Slimvac_EN.pdf   (131KB)

Cert. ISO_9001_2008_BE9211035_EN

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (ENGLISH)

 Cert_ISO_9001_2008_BE9211035_EN.pdf   (675KB)

 Cert_ISO_9001_2008_BE9211035_FR.pdf   (685KB)

 Cert_ISO_9001_2008_BE9211035_DE.pdf   (701KB)

 Cert_ISO_9001_2008_BE9211035_NL.pdf   (695KB)