Microtherm - clean and green

As an important part of our corporate policy, the Microtherm Group is continually focused on the environmental impact of its products and its thermal insulation solutions. We share global concerns regarding the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting climatic changes. We understand the imperative need for a low carbon energy future.

A key component of the carbon footprint of an industrial process is energy consumption. Controlling energy usage by incorporating a Microtherm® thermal insulation solution wherever heat containment is required is an obvious way of reducing the immediate environmental impact. A further hidden benefit comes from a clear CO2 reduction from delivery of a greatly reduced insulation volume, and a corresponding reduction in recycling costs of much less packaging.

Microtherm® is an inherently safe and clean material. It is made from a combination of mineral and metallic oxides, all in very fine powder form. The insulation is reinforced with glass filaments which are of a diameter that prevents absorption into the lining of the lungs should they be inhaled. Microtherm® insulation products are formally certified as “fibre free” according to the EU Dangerous Substances Directive , 97/69/EC.

As long as it has not been contaminated in use, Microtherm® can be recycled as an integral part of the manufacture of new insulation products. If it should be disposed of in waste landfill sites it will have absolutely no adverse effect.

Our environment is to a large extent what we make it. Let us help you to act now to preserve this environment for future generations.