Microporous insulation products

Microtherm® microporous insulation products are designed to provide maximum resistance to all aspects of heat transfer.

Convection cannot occur in a microporous material due to the absence of sufficiently large air volumes.
Microtherm® microporous insulation is the best high temperature thermal insulation.

The microporous effect is the restriction of collisions between air molecules which leads to heat transfer, by ensuring that the voids in the material are smaller than the mean free path of the air molecules (approximately 100 nm at atmospheric pressure). Under these circumstances most of the collisions an air molecule experiences are with the walls of the pores, a process which transfers little energy. The thermal conductivity of Microtherm® microporous insulation is actually lower than the thermal conductivity of still air.

Microtherm®, the best high performance insulation.

Microtherm® is available as a wide range of microporous insulation products, including a microporous granulate. Granulated insulation is the ideal way to fill difficult three dimensional shapes.
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