Microtherm® was created in the early 1960's by two scientists, Joseph McWilliams and John Hughes, working together for the nuclear industry. They needed a high temperature insulation that was significantly better than anything available at the time.

To meet their requirement they designed a microporous insulation with a thermal conductivity so low that it was almost down to the lowest theoretically possible according to the laws of physics. An insulation with a thermal conductivity even lower than that of quiescent air. This very low thermal conductivity was also remarkably stable over a wide range of temperature right up to 1000 °C (1832 °F) thanks to the inclusion of an opacifier to block the transmission of infra red radiation.

The original Microtherm® formulation was patented in 1965.
Realising the commercial potential of the new insulation, Micropore International Ltd was founded with headquarters at Hadzor, near Droitwich in the UK.

From that humble beginning grew the Microtherm Group of companies with sites in Europe, Asia, and the USA, and a network of Global Partners around the world.

Manufacture began in the UK and in 1971, a new manufacturing site was opened in Sint-Niklaas in Belgium. The Nippon Microtherm Company started in Japan in 1983 and Microtherm Inc was founded in the USA in 1992.

In 1999 the company name changed to Microtherm International Ltd. to reflect the internationally recognized product name.

At the start of the new millennium the decision was taken to consolidate all European manufacture at the larger site at Sint-Niklaas. This formally became the Group HQ and was extended in size by almost 50% to provide even better manufacturing and development facilities.
In the summer of  2010, Microtherm®  was acquired by the Etex Group NV, a Belgian industrial group specialized  in high quality building materials. Etex Group placed Microtherm with their subsidiary Promat International, active in passive fire protection and high temperature insulation.

Within Promat International NV, Microtherm® will be the competence centre for microporous insulation. Due to the merger, Microtherm® has further increased its market leadership as manufacturer and supplier of advanced microporous insulation solutions.

Microtherm® - the original and still the best.