Passive fire protection (PFP) – with Microtherm®

Passive fire protection systems require the very best thermal insulation performance.

Microtherm® offers a series of products that are perfect for inclusion in passive fire protection systems combining the lowest thermal conductivity with non-combustibility. Our glass cloth covered microporous insulation materials are certified for zero spread of flame while being up to four times more thermally efficient than conventional insulation materials. All products are non toxic and maintain integrity through a fire exposure test irrespective of whether mounted vertically or horizontally. Microtherm® Overstitched flexible insulation panels achieved AI classification in the new European Single Burning Item (SBI) test, EN 13823."

Insulation for fire rated lift shaft doors in building applications. Microtherm® Slim&Light panels are available in dimensions up to 2300 mm length, 500 mm width, and thickness varying between 15 mm and 30 mm which help to reduce installation time and cost.
Microtherm® insulation for elevators makes fire safety much easier to achieve.

Microtherm and partner company, Composittrailer nv have developed a new light weight high performing insulation and fire proof super strong tri-dimensional sandwich panel. This innovative concept combining a composite structure with high performance microporous insulation results in an integral fire and thermal protection panel ideally suited to the most demanding vehicular applications.

In marine applications, Microtherm® PFP systems certified by Bureau Veritas for aluminium and steel vessels for A60 protection to decks and bulkheads, meet in full both EU and USCG requirements. A Microtherm® "air gap" protection system is the lightest currently available. Microtherm® PFP systems have also been approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for full 60 minute protection to both laminate and sandwich GRP composite vessels. Microtherm® contact systems are the thinnest currently available.

Railway insulation protection. The same Microtherm® benefits have been applied to PFP systems for rail applications and tested to ASTM E119 and the new European regulation EU 45/454.

Aerospace insulation designers also use lightweight Microtherm® systems for personnel protection.